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The new age of payments in the Nordics

What is P27?


P27, an initiative by Nordic Banks, will make real-time multicurrency and multi-country payments a reality in the Nordics through a modern versatile, and secure platform.

Corporates need to set up connections with the banks, moving away from traditional clearinghouses, like Bankgirot.

P27 will improve payment processes locally and internationally.  It's the best time to become P27 compliant and improve your payment automation and bank connectivity at the same time.

All payments handled directly by the banks

Sending payments will be as easy as sending a text message. P27 is also replacing the fragmented clearing landscape. 

P27 will have the following benefits: 

  • Simplifying payments
  • Harmonizing and standardizing payment file formats
  • Scalability and efficiency of payment processes
  • Increased transparency
  • Robust security measures
p27 nordic payments

How to get ready for P27?

Bank connectivity

Set up connections with all the Nordic banks you work with.

XML format Make sure that you can send XML ISO20022 files from all your systems.
Reconciliation Make sure your reconciliation can interpret account statements in XML.
Get P27 compliant with Nomentia

How does Nomentia support P27?

With Nomentia, you can make sure that you are ready for the new age of payments.

Connect with any banks Nomentia helps you to connect with all the banks in the Nordics as well as globally.
Connect with any systems

Easily connect your ERP or TMS systems to make sure payments processes work flawlessly.

Transform your files to XML Nomentia automatically harmonizes all file formats into ISO20022 XML, Pain.001.
Improve payment processes Seamlessly connect with all your systems and automate your payment processes .
Improve reconciliation Adapt your reconciliation to interpret account statements and reference materials in XML format.

Questions about P27

What does P27 mean in practice?
  • Bank connectivity directly with the banks
    • No more sending or receiving files via Bankgirot or other clearinghouses.
    • The communication must be established directly to the banks.
  • Payments in a new file format
    • Moving away from old legacy formats like LB, KI, UTLI, SISU.
    • The new payment file formats are according to ISO20022 XML standard – Pain.001.
  • Reconciliation from account statements/reference materials
    • No more reconciliation from legacy formats like BGMax.
    • Reconciliation from ISO20022 XML standard format – Camt.052/053/054
When do we need to be ready for P27? At this point, it's also important to note that this change won't be in effect tomorrow. The current timeline suggests the change will occur in phases during 2021-2023. Our warm recommendation is that you get yourself up-to-date with the topic, look at different options, and talk to different solution providers to make sure that when the time comes you are ready.
We don't use XML. What will happen now?


To make P27 a reality, the standards need to be harmonized across the Nordics. Old country-specific legacy file formats like LB, KI, UTLI, SISU, BGMax will be phased out and instead the ISO20022 XML format will be used. In the future, all file communication will be directly with the banks and older file communication solutions like BGLink will be obsolete.

To prepare for P27 Nordic Payments, corporates need to ensure that they can send payments to banks following the guidelines for new formats, prepare for reconciliation using account statements, and have established communication channels with the banks. Either you handle this through your ERP provider, or you need to find a partner that can help you transition (full disclaimer: like us).

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Nomentia P27-1

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