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process controls

Built-in payment process controls for fraud prevention, compliance with treasury and finance policies, and data validation.

Nomentia payment process controls

Automatically detect anomalies in outgoing payments

Tackle fraud and errors and improve payment process’ compliance & security.

Prevent fraud and errors

Prevent fraud and errors

Set up rules to automatically detect payment anomalies and prevent double payments.

Enforce treasury & finance policies

Enforce treasury & finance policies

Enforce rules based on company-wide treasury and finance policies to detect and prevent irregularities.

Ensure data reliability

Ensure data reliability

Ensure payment data quality with automatic validation checks and algorithms. Get alerted when data is invalid.

Additional security. Now embedded into all your payment processes.

Fraud prevention for outgoing payments

Prevent payment fraud and catch anomalies by setting up smart rules to screen all outgoing payments.

  • Create rules to prevent both internal and external fraud
  • Set up rules that can help detecting anomalies in outgoing payments
  • Get notified when the system catches any anomalies and stop the outgoing payments from being processed
  • Review all escalated outgoing payments before sending the payment to the bank
  • Create rules to prevent accidental double payments
Fraud prevention rules

Ensure compliance with treasury
& finance policies

Make sure that all payment transactions are executed accurately, securely, and in accordance with your policies.

  • Define and create rules based on your internal policies
  • Enforce payment process policies to improve transaction accuracy
  • Detect payment process irregularities and get notified about any deviation
Approval processes & policies

Make sure payment data is correct with
automatic data validation rules

Maintain payments data quality using data validation checks and algorithms.

  • The solution comes with built-in data validation to ensure data quality. For example, you can validate payments based on IBAN, names, countries, and more.
  • Get alerted when the system catches any invalid or missing data
  • Define what actions should happen when certain conditions are met
  • The functionality is always included in our payments solution
Data validation checks

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Katriina Järvenpää

Financial Development, Senior Manager, Posti Group

“Payments were previously handled locally using various systems, so it was obviously very difficult to keep track of everything. Now, we have a system that functions smoothly: all payments are executed in the same way, and the process is the same in each country.”

Katriina Järvenpää

Financial Development, Senior Manager, Posti Group

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