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Bank connectivity
as a service

Connect to over 10 000 banks globally. Fully managed connections and file format conversions between your banks, ERP, and financial systems.

Bank connectivity as a service

The easiest way to connect to your banks

We facilitate effortless two-way communication with any bank globally – in a fully managed fashion.

Fully managed connections

Fully managed connections

Leverage Nomentia’s network of bank connections. We build and maintain any connection that you require even if it’s not yet part of our network.

Zero maintenance for your team

Zero maintenance for your team

We maintain the bank connections so your information exchange always works even if the banks implement changes on their end.

System integrations

System integrations

Connect banks with any ERP system or other financial system to attain all relevant cash flows insights from every single connected bank account.

Connect and interact with all your global banking partners

Connect to any bank globally

Our managed bank connections support the optimization of financial operations, while it improves efficiency and enhances security.

  • Connect with banks across the globe through host-to-host connections, local connections (EBICS), or SWIFT Alliance Lite2 for Business
  • Two-way communication between your banks and treasury management system, any other financial systems, or ERP(s)
    • Send payment files to the bank automatically in the bank's format
    • Get confirmations from the bank in your system's format
  • Setting up integrations between the banks and your systems when necessary
  • Supporting a variety of communication protocols, such as SFTP, FTP, APIs, REST API, Web Services, and more
  • The bank connectivity as a service solution can be used without using other Nomentia solutions
Global bank connections

Building integrations for better communication

For improved automation between your core systems, you can connect with any ERP system, for example, SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft, Sage, and more, via API or SFTP.

  • It’s possible to connect with any other financial system or even HR systems
  • Integrations with any treasury management system (TMS) 
  • Establishing connections with any other system where payment files are located
  • We develop the data mapping and take care of the data format conversions to ensure uninterrupted communication between your systems
Building integrations for better communication

Zero maintenance for your team –
we manage your bank connections

Our team is monitoring and maintaining all connections to ensure that your operations can continue even if banks make changes on their end.

  • The solution is monitored and maintained by Nomentia
  • As banks change something on their end, we adjust the solution
  • Nomentia works with your IT team when there are changes on your end
  • The solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure to ensure the highest possible security
  • Nomentia holds the following certifications:
    ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS), 
    ISAE 3402 TYPE 2 and SWIFT Certified Application (Cash Management for Corporates and CSP compliance)
Zero maintenance for your team – 
we manage your bank connections

Trusted by 1400+ customers worldwide

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Doreen Lenk

Manager, Group Treasury & Risk Management, Brita GmbH

“Once our IT understood that Nomentia can do magic by connecting to our ERP system, retrieve a file from the bank and send it to our ERP in the right format, it was easy to get their buy-in. Our team had a lot of experience with long ERP projects and they were impressed with Nomentia’s capabilities”

Doreen Lenk

Manager, Group Treasury & Risk Management, Brita GmbH

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Nomentia supports SWIFT bank connections

Nomentia is a SWIFT compatible cash management application


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Nomentia integrates with the banks, systems and tools you use everyday.

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