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Loan management

Optimize the management of external bank loans and intercompany loans and integrate them into treasury processes.

Nomentia loan management

Streamline loan management processes and incorporate loans into treasury reporting

Get a holistic view of your loans
and their impact on cash flows and risk.

Fully managed connections

Fully integrate loans

Automatically incorporate loan-related cash flow details into your cash flow forecasts and consider foreign currency loans in your FX exposure.

Zero maintenance for your team

Automation through workflows

Set up workflow-based processes to manage loans with maximal efficiency and according to best practices.

System integrations

Manage various loans

Automate processes related to fixed-interest or floating external or intercompany loans in various structures such as bullet loans, or repayment/annuity loans.

Flexible reporting

Leverage flexible reporting and business intelligence options. Create comprehensive reports within Nomentia or use the Nomentia Data Cube in combination with tools like Power BI or Excel.

Establish consistent processes to manage loans better.

Optimize loan management

Centralize and automate loan-related processes.

  • Leverage workflow-based process automation tailored to your loan management needs.
  • Easily create standardized and digital internal loan agreement documents that include all loan conditions.
  • Integrate loan-specific payment schedules into your cash flow forecasts to analyze their impact on future cash flows.
  • Integrate intercompany loan processes with FX trading platforms to hedge against currency risk when issuing loans in different currencies.
  • Capture different loan types in the system, such as fixed-interest or floating external or intercompany loans in various structures (bullet loans or repayment/annuity loans)
  • Automatically re-calculate the impact of loans on cash flows due to changes in payment schedules, one-off payments, or reference rates.
  • Settle your internal and external interest and loan repayments automatically either via Inhouse bank or physical bank payments.
Optimize loan management

Fully integrated loan management for treasury

Fully integrated loan management for extensive coverage and automation.

  • Initiate FX trades to hedge against risk resulting from IC loans issued in foreign currency through integrations with FX trading platforms. 
  • Integrate loan-related interest payments and principal repayments into cash flow forecasting and treasury reporting for optimal visibility into cash flow changes. 
  • Connect loan management with our market data feed (powered by Infront Finance) to automatically update floating rate loans with the latest reference rates, such as IBORs and relevant short-term rates.
  • Integrated contract and signature management with the help of digital signature tools, such as DocuSign.
  • In 2024, all of Nomentia's treasury accounting functionalities will be connected to Loan Management to automatically transfer postings related to loans and deposits, such as interest accruals to accounting systems.

Loan management integrations

Comprehensive loan reporting 

Ensure all loan details are included in reporting for complete visibility.

  • Keep track of all loans centrally through reporting. 
  • Analyze the impact of changes in reference rates or loan repayments on cash flow in Cash Flow Forecasting.

  • Leverage flexible reporting options within Nomentia and the possibility to create reports via the Nomentia Data Cube in combination with BI tools such as Power BI or Excel.

Loan reporting

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Stefan Herkommer

Head of Group Treasury, CompuGroup Medical

“Nomentia's Intercompany loan and deposit workflow is an excellent example of how to automate the entire process across the group to ensure greater visibility into the whole application process as well as digitalize how subsidiaries apply for loans and how the group confirms them.”

Stefan Herkommer

Head of Group Treasury, CompuGroup Medical

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