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Learn how our team of experts can help you set up all the necessary integrations for a fully connected cash and treasury management ecosystem.

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Connect to any bank globally

We connect with banks across the globe through all connection types, such as host-to-host connections, local connections (EBICS), APIs, or SWIFT Alliance Lite2 for Business.

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Integrate with your ERP systems

For improved automation between your core systems, we can connect with any ERP system via API or SFTP.

Contact us for more examples of ERP integration projects we’ve completed.

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Include all relevant market data

Benefit from end-to-end risk management processing and include market data by connecting our system with market data providers.

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Integrations built to make your life easier

We keep adding integrations to make your treasury processes more efficient.

SWIFT Compatible application

Connect to banks through SWIFT Connectivity

We are a SWIFT compatible cash management application, allowing you to connect our system to any bank over the SWIFT network.

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Analyze reports in other BI Tools

Export reports to other tools for further analysis if wanted, such as Excel, Power BI or other BI tools.

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Integrate digital signatures into processes

Add digital signatory integrations to the relevant processes that require signatures, such as IC loans, guarantees, LCs, and more.

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