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Nomentia has a long history with its roots in the 1980s in Finland, the home of cash management. That might sound like a reach, but account statements with a creditor reference are actually a Finnish innovation.

In the context of cash management, too many corporates still suffer from scattered, unharmonized, and inefficient treasury, cash and financial processes. These inefficiencies lead to challenges such as globally multi-billion problem of payment fraud, while trapped cash, and poor cash visibility, and weak cash forecasts lead to treasuries not having the cash in hand to manage daily operations and invest back in the business.

Scattered and unharmonized financial processes lead to higher than necessary processing cost of payments and receivables, slow cash allocation, and weakened working capital management.


Nomentia, was born from the foundation of two leading cash management providers, Analyste and OpusCapita, who firmly believe in Nordic innovation and strong heritage of advanced financial processes. The tools of modern cash management were born in Finland. We take pride in offering the widest and wildest, and the most modern cash management portfolio in the market.

We find our passion in modernizing customers’ processes, showing our superior expertise, and providing them solutions and tools that are pleasant to work with to help reach their targets to harmonize, gain synergies, and boost productivity. Cash is king!


Key figures

€785 Billion

Value of payments processed annually.


10,000 banks

We reach more than 10,000 banks via SWIFT and direct connections and connect with hundreds of formats.


Over 2000

Global customers are using our software and we have end-users in more than 100 countries.



Jukka Sallinen CEO

Jukka joins Nomentia from OpusCapita where he was the Head of the Cash Management business line. He combines his wide hands-on domain knowledge in cash management, payments and global bank connectivity with his deep technology background.

Tami Halttunen CFO

Tami joins Nomentia from OpusCapita. Previously he has held CFO positions in OpusCapita and Itella Russia and served as a Corporate Controller, Group Controller, and Finance Business Partner in various organizations.

Tami is passionate about the role finance can play in strategic decision making and organization-wide change initiatives. His recent projects include the 2018 corporate re-arrangement of the former OpusCapita Group, managing the 2019 divestment and carve-out processes of the OpusCapita asset as well as the 2020 demerger of OpusCapita’s Source-to-Pay and Cash Management business units.


Anna-Lisa Natchev Chief Growth Officer

As a Chief Growth Officer, Anna-Lisa manages teams across key areas that drive growth, including marketing, sales, and cross-organizational growth teams to create and implement a long-term vision and enterprise-wide execution of growth-generating strategies and customer success. She has a long experience working in International Sales organizations such as IBM, Oracle, and Basware. Her passion is building best-of-breed Sales and Marketing organizations that truly deliver value and above-average customer experience to Nomentia customers worldwide.

Brian Hopkins COO

Brian is in charge of the internal operations and processes at Nomentia, including information security and corporate ICT. Brian has over two decades of experience in payment automation including key roles in product delivery, product management, carve-out projects, HR, and information security. Prior to his current role, Brian acted as Chief Operating Officer at Analyste.
Brian’s long-time experience and close customer co-operation has brought him an excellent understanding on how cash management has evolved in organizations over the years, from manual repetition to process automation and exception management.

Ilse Manner Head of HR

Ilse joins Nomentia from Analyste, where she has previously been VP of Human Resources. Before joining Analyste Ilse has been leading HR strategy and people operations in several high technology growth companies. During her career Ilse has held many business leadership roles, which grounds her approach to HR strongly to the everyday needs of the business and the people operating in it. Ilse believes that HR exists to maximize the value-add for customers through enabling teams and employees to fully focus on their work and bring their A-game to it. To her HR is one of the foundational building blocks of customer success.

Mika Kahilaluoma VP of Services, Nordics

Mika joins Nomentia from Analyste Oy where he was the head of Professional Services and Customer Support.

In Nomentia he is heading the Services unit which include both Professional Services and Customer Support-teams. Standardized implementation projects together with productized SaaS services guarantee the customer a stable operating environment. Customer satisfaction, both in projects and during continuous services, is also close to the heart.

Jaakko Kilpinen VP of Products

Jaakko joins Nomentia from OpusCapita where he held different manager positions in consultancy, product management and presales. He heads the products unit including product management, presales, CTO office, R&D and Devops.

Jaakko has over 20 years of experience in corporate cash management with deep expertise in cash forecasting, payment processes and in-house banking. He has also held e.g. a position as Group Treasurer in a publicly listed Finnish company.

Martin Winter VP of Services, DACH

Martin joins Nomentia from TIPCO Treasury&Technology where he has been Co-CEO since 2015. At Nomentia, he is heading the professional services department in the DACH area. Martin has over 20 years of experience in Finance, working as Head of Finance at SÜBA Bau AG, consultant at Schwabe, Ley & Greiner, and a CFO at Juwi group.

Hubert Rappold VP of Solution Engineering

Hubert joins Nomentia from TIPCO Treasury&Technology where he was the Co-founder and Co-CEO since 2015. Prior to founding TIPCO, Hubert was a partner at Schwabe, Ley & Greiner and has over 20 years of experience heading the solution engineering department.

Our values

We deliver what we promised We deliver what we promise.
We win together We win together.
We take pride and delight in what we do We take pride and delight in what we do.
We build success from health and happiness We build success from health and happiness.

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