Bank Connectivity as a Service

Automate the management of your bank and ERP connections, conversions and format changes.

The benefits of a fully managed connectivity as a service

No more technical projects Forget about technical projects: we take care of your bank and ERP connectivity, and manage any file format changes that may occur.
Automation A centralized hub that collects all the needed payment files from any ERP/source system and converts those into the bank specific format in an automated way.
End-to-end security ISAE Type 2 certification guarantees the highest availability security standards for business continuity.
Integrate with any system Easily integrate with your existing TMS, ERP systems, or other source systems. Our service is system-agnostic.
Zero maintenance Our cloud-based service continuously updates to stay conform with the latest banking and ERP regulations, standards, security protocols and file conversion changes.
Hyper modular You only pay for the modules or connections you choose without anything extra. Of course, extra modules are available upon request.
Three connectivity options to

Reach any bank in the world

Host-to-Host Connectivity Currently, we have over 200 host-to-host bank connections globally and we are constantly adding more as requested. 
SWIFT Connectivity Nomentia is integrated with the SWIFT Alliance Lite2 service to connect with more than 10 800 banks in over 200 countries.
Regional Connectivity Reach all the banks in a specific region through a standardized and secure infrastructure, including EBICS.

Customer use cases for Bank Connectivity as a Service

kone250x250 transparent Bank Connectivity

Secure and harmonized bank connectivity is the backbone of Kone's global cash processes.

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Brita Nomentia Global Payments
Brita needed a solution that could connect the ERP system with files from the bank in the right fomat.

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Easily integrate Nomentia with any ERP system

Whether you actively implement an ERP sytem or have one in place, we're here to make your life easier by assuring your connectivity stays intact.

No matter what ERP system you use We have customers that use SAP or Oracle, and we make sure their conversions, file formats changes and connections stay intact. No need for technical projects any longer.
The more connections the merrier If you have multiple banks and ERPs, you will certainly appreciate that we take care of upkeeping all connectivities, which usually consumes a lot of time from your IT and finance team.

Case study

BRITA GmbH, a German water filter manufacturer with total sales of 617 million euros in the business year 2020 and 2,205 employees worldwide at the end of 2020, is the market leader in drinking water optimization and individualization.

Brita Nomentia

Brita’s treasury department was facing the following challenges: 

- The used multibank payment tool was discontinued.
- Lack of a system that is independent of banks.
- Lack of centralization of treasury and cash management.

Instead of working with as many as 7 different banks just within Germany to process payments, Brita chose to use Nomentia, as a single tool that is independent of banks. 

Once our IT understood that Nomentia can do magic by connecting to our ERP system, retrieve a file from the bank and send it to our ERP in the right format, it was easy to get their buy-in.

Doreen Lenk
Manager, Group Treasury & Risk Management, BRITA GmbH


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Learn more about the technical details of our bank connectivity as a service solution.

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Whitepaper bank connectivity as a service

We cover all bank connectivity elements for you


  • SFTP
  • FTPS
  • API
  • PSD2
  • AS2
  • SWIFTNet
  • SOAP/REST Web Services
  • VPN






  • ISO 20022 XML
  • MT101
  • CGI-MP
  • SWIFT FileAct
  • ANSI X12
  • BA12
  • Local proprietary formats
  • MT940





  • Encryption
  • PKI
  • Strong authentication
  • MFA
  • ElGamal
  • Digital signatures
  • Diffie-Hellman
  • RSA
  • AES
  • Tokens
  • PGP
  • 3DES
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Growing Your Bank Connectivity with Nomentia

Learn more about bank connectivity as a service through our webinar with Tapani Oksala, solution manager at Nomentia.

WEBINAR21 - Growing Your Bank Connectivity
Connectivity as a Service

Nomentia for SAP connectivity


Many of our customers are SAP users who we help by providing them with our bank connectivity as a service. This way, they don't have to worry about sudden format or conversion changes and requirements from SAP nor the dependent systems.


We know that IT projects within SAP take over your team's resources, or even require you to hire specialized consultants. These lengthy projects and heavy investments can easily be avoided by using our bank connectivity as a service, which takes care of any connectivity, data mapping and maintenance of connections.

Bank Connectivity as a Service

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