In-House Bank

Offer banking services to your subsidiaries in your own terms

Take control of your cash flows

Cover your short-term financing needs and eliminate the situation where one subsidiary is forced to use its account credit limits while another subsidiary has surplus cash in its account. This diminishes the need for lending altogether, as the net sum of the whole group can be used for payments and investments.


Transparent group-level cash management

Organizations often work with separate processes in different subsidiaries and separate banks which increases the banking costs. It also decreases transparency and the possibilities for internal payments and financing.​

The end result is a tedious month-end closing process that can be reduced with an In-House bank from three days to three hours in some cases.



Uncover trapped cash with In-house Bank

Whatever your ultimate target is, taking control of cash management and financial processes with a modern in-house bank will reap both operational and strategic rewards. Some of the core functionalities of our in-house bank are:​
  • Flexible use with centralized processes​
  • Multilateral netting
  • Internal payments and financing​
  • POBO and COBO​
  • Balance creation for all entities​
  • Bank independence​
  • Improved currency risk management​.
Better visibility of trapped cash and subsidiary transactions has a clear impact on liquidity. Customer cases have shown that the share of working capital tied to operations can be reduced from 10 % of net sales down to 1 %.

These companies trust us

ncc 250x250 transparent Payment Factory

Payment Factory centralizes most of NCC's supplier payments into one process. NCC saves time and money, has more control over cash flows, and avoids manual work.

Valmet 250x250 transparent Global Payments Valmet wanted to create consistent automated processes for payment management and reconciling and posting customer payments in its international Financial Service centers.


Cash forecasting

Cash forecasting for improved visibility and liquidity management.



Streamline and automate transaction processing



Secure payments, anytime and anywhere.