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In a modern Treasury, cash forecasting should be easy, automated, and accurate. In the end, it is all about understanding better the future of your group’s most precious asset: cash. Failing to predict the future cash position and liquidity requirements can put your entire business to jeopardy. On the other hand, excelling at forecasting will bring your organization several operational and strategic benefits. Modern cash forecasting is a powerful tool for any corporate Treasurer or Cash Manager aiming to make the most out of the group’s liquidity. After all, predictable cash is so much more enjoyable to manage.


Treasurers need to provide reliable visibility of the company's past, current, and future cash positions

Many corporate Treasurers are in the dark when it​ comes to their organizations’ current​ liquidity position and especially their​ future cash requirements. ​
It is not at all rare that Treasury and Finance​ professionals make decisions and act on forecasts that are simply poor and incomplete. For example, in a​ McKinsey survey, half of the Treasurers surveyed admitted that their cash forecasting was less than 80 percent accurate.​

The inaccuracy of forecasts can be caused by:

  • Poor cash visibility due to struggles to consolidate balance data
  • Reliance on spreadsheets
  • Lack of subsidiary involvement
  • Insufficient reporting and analytics capabilities.

Automation is key

The best way to achieve a well-oiled cash forecasting process is with automation.  The groundwork starts with the process.​

Take the following steps to achieve cash visibility and forecasting excellence:

  • Build a solid foundation with cash visibility
  • Focus on forecasting what actually matters to your business
  • Connect all the needed sources for effortless and automated data collection
  • Analyze and visualize with easy-to-access reports
  • Work on continuously improving the forecast.



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Cash forecasting

Cash forecasting for improved visibility and liquidity management.



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