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Bank management

Cash flow forecasting


Cash forecasting eases the company's cash flow and bank account management.

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Saferoad is a leading road safety supplier in Europe with more than 70 years of experience within the road safety industry.

The Group employs 2.500 experts across 13 countries.


Saferoad wanted to simplify the company's cash flow and bank account management.



Nomentia Cash Flow Forecasting is now saving both time and patience.


Moving away from spreadsheets to automated cash flow forecasting

Saferoad has been using Nomentia Cash Flow Forecasting since 2013 to ease the management of the company’s cash flows and bank accounts. The solution replaced the use of numerous spreadsheets and has helped its users to save a great deal of time and patience. Additionally, the solution is accessible regardless of time and place, and Saferoad users have found it intuitive to use.

"Because of the solution's simplicity and ease-of-use, I would recommend it to companies currently struggling with spreadsheet-based cash flow forecasting."

Geir Bakken, Head of Cash Management


Improved treasury management starts with Nomentia

Would you like to discover how we can assist your treasury team?

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