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Nomentia named as one of the TOP 20 established fintech companies in Finland in 2022

The Helsinki Fintech Farm has published its annual list of the top established fintech companies in Finland and has named Nomentia among one of the Top 20 companies.

The Finnish fintech industry has around 200 fintech startups, fintech scaleups and established companies and the combined revenues of the sector has grown from €1.2 billion in 2020 to €1.4 billion in 2022.

Other companies listed on the established fintech companies list included ePassi, Multitude, Basware, Samlink, Accountor Finago, Paytrail, OpusCapita, and Lemonsoft to mention a few. The full list in order:

 1. Epassi

ePassi is a mobile payment app for employee benefits.


2. Multitude

Multitude has consumer and business lending businesses, and a shopping and financing app.


3. Basware

Basware provides software that automates finance and procurement processes for businesses.


4. Samlink

Samlink is a technology service provider for the financial sector.


 5. Accountor Finago

Accountor Finago’s is a software provider known for its financial management software Procountor.


6. Crosskey

Crosskey is a technology service provider for the banking industry.


7. Administer

Administer is a digital financial management services company.


 8. Paytrail

Paytrail is a digital payment platform and part of the financial equipment company Nets.


 9. Profit Software

Profit Software provides system solutions and consulting services to the financial industry.


10. Saldo

Saldo Finance provides automated credit solutions for consumers and SMEs.


11. Blue Finance

Blue Finance is a digital lending platform offering consumer loans and corporate financing.


12. Nomentia

Nomentia provides cloud treasury and cash management solutions.


13. OpusCapita

OpusCapita provides e-invoicing, O2C and P2P messaging, and procurement solutions.


14. Lemonsoft

 Lemonsoft is a software company that develops ERP software.


15. Checkout

Checkout Finland was acquired by digital payments company Paytrail (#8) in 2021.


16. Eone Group

Eone Group owns, invests in, and develops digital marketplaces and technology ventures.


17. Cloudia

Cloudia provides source-to-contract procurement services for public and private organizations.


18. Heeros

Heeros specializes in cloud-based business management solutions.


19. ALM Partners

ALM Partners specializes in financial asset and liability management.


20. FA Solutions

FA Solutions provides portfolio management solutions to wealth management companies.

For more information and an overview of the Finnish fintech startups and scaleups, please read the full article here.