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Hoxhunt selects Nomentia for bank connectivity and payments

Hoxhunt selected Nomentia Bank Connectivity and Payments to streamline payment processes and enhance cash visibility with several banks and an ERP system.


Hoxhunt, a Finnish cybersecurity software company, selected Nomentia Bank Connectivity and Payments to streamline payment processes and enhance cash visibility with several banks and an ERP system.

Hoxhunt is a leader in reducing human cyber-risk. Its automated and gamified human risk management platform provides personalized training to employees, who learn to recognize and report simulated phishing attacks. Hoxhunt has offices in Europe, the UK, and the US and works with several banks internationally. 

Using Nomentia bank connectivity and payments, Hoxhunt can automatically fetch account statements from each bank, pay them, and send them to Netsuite, where the posting is done - a process that had been manual and time-consuming before. In addition, Hoxhunt now has complete visibility into cash balances and outstanding payables in one place after connecting all bank accounts to Nomentia’s system.

“We’re delighted to work with Hoxhunt on implementing a streamlined and centralized cash management system. The system will allow Hoxhunt to save a significant amount of time by eliminating manual work related to using several banks and systems. With the setup, Hoxhunt joins a large number of other companies in the Nordics that have implemented a similar way of working. We’ve seen an increasing trend where fast-growing companies have a need for a solution that connects their ERP system and banks to speed up payment processes” says Lauri Bergström, Head of Sales Nordics at Nomentia.

About Hoxhunt

Hoxhunt is a People-First Cybersecurity Platform that protects organizations from the risk of cyberattacks. Hoxhunt’s cognitive automation maps adaptive training curriculum to each employee’s skill level even as it changes to keep the training interesting. Hoxhunt empowers individuals with the tools and confidence to recognize and respond to attacks. Hoxhunt enables security teams with real-time visibility into threats so they can react fast and limit their spread. The entire platform is automated, freeing up considerable time for security teams to focus on what matters.
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About Nomentia

Nomentia has over 30 years of experience in cash and treasury management and over 1400 clients globally. Using Nomentia, you can build your centralized cash and treasury management technology stack from scratch or add solutions to complement your existing technologies. Our solution portfolio includes tools for payment automation, liquidity management, cash flow forecasting and visibility, bank account management, bank connectivity, trade finance, in-house banking, payment reconciliation, risk management, and treasury workflows and reporting. For more information, visit