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1.2.2022 | Last updated: 9.1.2024

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MACC & Nomentia - Something good is cooking

Nomentia is now part of the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace enabling our customers to sign up to our ever-growing portfolio of Cash Management and Treasury solutions easier and faster but also helping our customers to take advantage of MACC (Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment).

Being part of the MACC program means that our brand-new service, Bank Connectivity as a service, is also present in Microsoft's AppSource and Azure Marketplace.

This self-service option allows IT teams to utilize the Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment agreement and purchase new bank connections to reach over 10 800 banks globally, connect to existing ERP, TMS, and financial systems, and convert the file format to the bank’s specific formats.


What is MACC (Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment)?


MACC is contractual commitment customers make with Microsoft for a specific amount of Azure spend over time (usually a three-year commitment).

Usually, the IT department of your organization would know if you are part of the MACC program or eligible to enroll.

If you are part of MACC, you can see how much Azure Spend you have consumed, and how much you have left like in the below photo.

MACC credits

In other words, instead of letting your remaining amount of Azure Spend to go to waste, you can purchase third-party Azure Eligible solutions like our own, Bank Connectivity as a service.


What are the benefits of being part of MACC?


The most striking advantage of our customers being part of MACC is that the Procurement teams can concentrate all their cloud software purchases from multiple vendors into one single place - Microsoft. That would reduce a significant amount of stress levels of the Procurement folk who have to keep track of multiple purchases from different sources. 

Other advantages include:

  • Fewer resources needed by procurement and IT – software spend can be marked for different departments and functions in the Azure portal.
  • Microsoft’s Standard Terms and Conditions are typically the same for all third-party solutions thus you manage much fewer agreement types.
  • Our solution is invoiced by Microsoft on behalf of Nomentia so if you have already purchased other solutions with Microsoft, you would receive a single invoice for all your Microsoft purchases.

What if you are not utilizing MACC?

Even if you don't have an agreement with Microsoft for the MACC program, you can still take advantage of purchasing 3rd-party services (such as our Bank Connectivity as a Service) from the AppSource and Azure Marketplace.

A few of the advantages are: 

  • Centralize all payments into one single invoice from Microsoft
  • Easily sign-up since the onboarding process is smooth and streamlined.
  • Enjoy the Standard Microsoft Ts & Cs.
  • Access to Azure Marketplace which has solutions checked by Microsoft for their quality.

What are the key takeaways? When you sign up for our Cash Management and Treasury solutions, you can consume your Azure spend fully while you enjoy the convenience of receiving one single invoice from Microsoft and of managing one agreement type (Microsoft Standard Terms and Conditions).

If you are interested to find out more about the ways the MACC program with Nomentia can benefit you, contact us here. We can guide you through the whole process.