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A global leading supplier in providing plants, systems, equipment, and services for various industries

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ANDRITZ ia global leading supplier in providing plants, systems, equipment, and services for various industries, such as hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metalworking and steel industry in the municipal and industrial segments.

Andritz is headquartered in Graz, Austria with approximately 27.900 employees and more than 280 locations in over 40 countries worldwide and supports its customers in achieving corporate and sustainability goals.  


ANDRITZ has recorded more than 5,000 projects in SAP. In the past, project-related inflows were merely shown as an aggregate figure in the group’s cash flow forecast managed in Nomentia. This made it difficult to get to the bottom of plan vs. actual deviations which can be very significant. To resolve the problem, ANDRITZ needed a lightweight solution that allows global entities to swiftly update their projects so that the head office can more easily identify the underlying cause of deviations. 



In Nomentia, ANDRITZ automatically consolidates SAP-data on planned and actual cash inflows resulting from the groups’ largest projects. These projects with planned inflows of EUR 5 million or more are imported to Nomentia including relevant details such as project name and customer. During the implementation, Nomentia supplemented the pre-existing planning grid to include the individual projects and since the import automatically assigns projects to the correct users, and automatically closes these at the end of the projecteach entity only has access to relevant data. In addition, users can adjust and comment on forecast values before they are automatically reflected in the central reporting on group level. 

Besides cash flow forecastingANDRITZ uses a wide variety of Nomentia solutions for cash visibilitytrade finance and related reporting 


The benefits

As ANDRITZ is tracking approximately 5.000 projects in SAP and it is common for payment dates to shift throughout a project’s lifetime, it is essential for Group Treasury to have visibility into planned and actual cash flows on project-levelSomething that was not the case prior to extending Nomentia Cash Flow Forecasting and Nomentia Reporting.  


Dataflow structure

Fig. 1 | Dataflow from SAP to Nomentia Cash Flow Forecasting


After the implementation, ANDRITZ now profits from the following benefits: 

  1.  Automated data imports from SAP
    Nomentia automatically imports all project data, including actual and planned cash flows, from ANDRITZ’s ERP system SAP. Users can adjust the project data and comment on information as needed to ensure that local and central users stay on top of what is going on in each project. 

  2. Automatically creating and terminating projects

    Based on the source data from SAP, the Nomentia solution automatically creates new projects, assigns them to the responsible user(s) and closes them once projects are completed. By automating the process it is ensured that all users only see information that is relevant to their work.

  3. Highlighting of deviations to project managers

    By means of automated plausibility checks, the Nomentia Cash Flow Forecasting and Reporting solutions ensure that the users of the responsible entity are aware of unusual deviations (e.g. relative to the previous submission) before they submit their forecastThis allows them to either correct their forecast or comment on the deviations. The result: a greatly reduced need for follow-up questions from the Group Treasury. 

  4. Instant forecast reports and deviation analyses

    Group-treasury- and entity-users alike can access reports and deviation analyses directly in Nomentia. Using the Nomentia Data Cube enables Group Treasury to independently create further ad-hoc analyses as required, eliminating the need for support by external consultants

"Due to the size of our orders, developments at project level are crucial for corporate planning. The new level of detail in Nomentia allows us to maintain an overview, despite the many individual projects, and find the underlying cause of all deviations immediately"

Stefan Schantl, Head of Investor Relations at ANDRITZ AG.  

Reports that ANDRITZ has created using Nomentia 


Deviation report example

Fig. 2 | Examples of a deviation report


Andritz makes extensive use of Nomentia‘s Self-Service Reporting features and has created the following report set completely independently without the help of a consultant:  



  • By instrument types 
  • By entities 
  • Plan vs. Actual deviations 
  • Securities 



  • Net liquidity by entities 
  • Net liquidity company group detail 
  • Gross liquidity by currencies 
  • Net liquidity chart 



  • Total bank exposure 
  • Bank balances 
  • Facilities and details 
  • Detail loans 



  • Overview and details 
  • Deviation analysis 
  • Confirmation overview 



  • Guarantee types 
  • Counterparties and principal debtors 
  • Facility utilization and development 



  • Overdue receivables on division level 
  • Development over time 
  • Detailed analysis including action planning 



  • Overview and administration 
  • Database for hedge accounting 

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