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Nomentia partners with Just for FX trade cost analysis solutions

Nomentia, a leading European cash and treasury management solution provider, has entered a sales partnership with Just, a Norwegian provider of FX analytics solutions. Nomentia's customers can now benefit from Just’s solutions by gaining more insights into FX trade costs, supporting them in negotiations with banks, and making decisions regarding FX margins and providers.

Effective FX risk management is essential for businesses to protect themselves from the adverse impacts of currency fluctuations. By hedging against currency risks, companies can stabilize their financial performance, manage costs, and maintain competitiveness in the global market. Proactive risk management ensures profitability and financial stability, reinforces compliance with regulatory requirements, and enhances transparency in financial reporting.

Nomentia provides a wide range of cash and treasury management solutions, including payments, liquidity management, cash visibility, and risk management, among many others. Nomentia Risk Management helps clients implement a structured and systematic approach to manage foreign currency exchange-related risk and hedge currencies. Partnering with Just, Nomentia clients can now get easier access to Just’s solutions. With Just’s solution, clients can identify hidden FX costs, compare corporate FX margins against peers, and negotiate fairer prices with banks using real-time and historical trading data.

A key part of Just FX Analytics is the guidance and support in analyzing and interpreting historical trade costs across banks, currency pairs, FX instruments, and legal entities. Additionally, Just provides strategic consultations to help clients effectively negotiate and reduce FX trade costs with counterparties.  

“In the increasingly competitive global landscape, enterprises seek improved risk management solutions. To empower our clients with comprehensive FX risk management capabilities, we are pleased to offer Just’s FX Analytics solutions to them” explains  Tapani Oksala, Head of Partnerships at Nomentia. “Working with Just will enable our clients to gain transparency and achieve cost savings on FX transactions.” 

“By combining our knowledge oF FX and trade cost optimization with Nomentia’s Treasury Management System, we can help enterprises to optimize their FX trade costs better.” says Anders Nicolai Bakke, Founder and CEO at Just.

About Nomentia

Nomentia is a category leader within European treasury and cash management solutions. Nomentia’s mission is to provide unparalleled cloud treasury and cash management solutions for and with our customers.

Today, Nomentia is solving the challenges of modern treasurers and cash managers across 1600+ businesses in over 80 countries, processing more than 1 trillion euros annually. Nomentia’s solutions specialize in global payments, bank connectivity-as-service, cash forecasting and visibility, bank account management, financial process automation, treasury workflows, FX risk, in-house banking, and trade finance

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About Just

Established in Oslo, Norway, in 2017, Just is a software company dedicated to bringing transparency to financial markets. Founded by serial entrepreneurs in financial technology and a team with roots in JPMorgan’s automated trading strategies team, Just offers innovative FX Analytics software to businesses worldwide. Just has analyzed more than 0.5 trillion USD in FX volume traded between banks and companies, helping shift over 50 million USD in value creation back to its customers from the profit pools of banks.

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