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Nomentia Gains Foothold in Nordic Treasury Market with New TMS Client

Nomentia, a trusted provider of Treasury Management Systems (TMS), is gaining traction in the Nordic market with its first clients embracing its comprehensive treasury solutions. With over 1400 finance and treasury teams globally leveraging Nomentia's expertise, the company's vision of becoming Europe's premier TMS provider gains further momentum in the Nordics. 

The first customers in the Nordics are adopting Nomentia’s Treasury Management System. TMS. Nomentia has been the preferred choice for over 1400 finance and treasury teams across 80 countries for cash management. Nomentia encompasses a comprehensive suite of solutions, including global payments, bank connectivity, cash management, treasury management, and risk management. With an impressive annual payment processing volume exceeding 1 billion euros, Nomentia has become a trusted partner in elevating treasury and financial processes. Now, with getting the first new TMS customers from the Nordics, the company’s vision of becoming the leading TMS provider in Europe is gaining traction.  

Jukka Sallinen, CEO at Nomentia, underscores the pivotal role of the company in the Nordic market, stating, "Nomentia's commitment to advancing treasury and finance operations in the Nordics is reflected in the growing number of adoptions of our Treasury Management System. The market is maturing, and businesses are increasingly recognizing the value of our expertise in driving efficiency and clarity in their treasury operations."

The latest partnership with Paulig, an international food and beverage company, signals a move towards Nordic companies embracing modern, flexible, and easy-to-implement TMS solutions. Nomentia provides a robust system and supports Nordic treasury teams with knowledge and expertise to excel at their daily and strategic work.

In Jukka Sallinen's words, "Nomentia doesn't just offer a TMS; we offer the talent and expertise to propel Nordic treasury teams forward. The new TMS adoptions in the Nordics signify a shift towards further automating and digitalizing finance and treasury workflows".