Stefan Kapfer joins Nomentia as Senior Sales Manager in DACH

by Stefan Kapfer

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Stefan Kapfer nomentia interview

Stefan KapferStefan Kapfer

Senior Sales Manager in DACH

Nomentia is growing and we are very proud and excited to present our new Senior Sales Manager in the DACH region, Stefan Kapfer. We asked Stefan why he joined Nomentia, what he has to say about our solutions, and his predictions for the future. 

You’ve recently joined Nomentia. What made you feel like this is the place to be?

I decided on Nomentia because of three reasons:

  • Nomentia is very successful in the Nordics with interesting cloud solutions in terms of payment and cash management. I like the challenge of introducing these solutions in DACH, especially in Austria, and think Nomentia can and will be “the great Nordic alternative”.
  • Expanding the portfolio with TIPCO is a big step for Nomentia and offers treasurers the “best of two worlds”.
  • Last but not least, I like the mindset of the Finnish people as conversations have been very appreciative and cooperative from the first moment.

Out of all the different solutions that Nomentia offers, which one do you think is the most interesting?

The most interesting solution is bank connectivity and how we help our clients to easily connect with banks. Furthermore, our “formats as a service” solution is very interesting as the challenge of format conversions is something that most companies are running into when they are connecting banks, ERP, and treasury systems.

Where do you think the world of treasury is heading?

Strong, fast, and understandable systems will set the tone. Connections will be done more and more by APIs. As the treasurer and user of the TMS is “the controller in the middle” it is important to offer a real-time system that provides all the information from the ERP system as well as the ability to exchange all data with the banks or other third parties. In the future, the treasurer will not only be the treasurer but the master of the complete treasury process (working capital, P2P and O2C). Finally, we can see an emerging trend of easy-to-use dashboards as well as utilizing AI in treasury management solutions.

As the end of the year is getting close, what do you predict as the biggest trends of 2022?

Cloud solutions will stay very attractive as they are easy to implement and require less IT awareness from companies. Fraud detection within the payment process will become a must solution for all companies. Fast and intelligent connections with real-time APIs will deliver faster performance and enhance the user experience.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a treasurer friend?

First, analyze your internal needs and then decide which areas you must optimize to achieve the best outcomes. If you decide to take on an optimization project, take one step at a time and make sure that you have enough internal resources. Also, do not forget to plan time buffers!  

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