Meet Jutta Kallio - Office Assistant in Espoo, Finland

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Jutta KallioJutta Kallio

Office Assistant in Espoo, Finland

Why did you join Nomentia? 

I decided to apply to this crew because the company had a good presence on online platforms and it seemed like people working here are very enthusiastic about their work. So far, my colleagues have astonished me with their entrepreneurism-vibes when working.

What is it like to work at Nomentia?

My work responsibilities are quite diverse (and changing ad hoc), and I like the fact that my days at the office are always a bit different from day-to-day. People here work seriously but also socialize casually with colleagues.

Who is the one person you would like to learn from at Nomentia?

I cannot choose one particular person to learn more from, I’m too curious about learning new things and there are way too many experts in their own fields in this company.  

If you could only develop yourself at one thing working here, what would that be?

I want to develop myself with further knowledge about our customers and their current situations. It is always interesting to hear about how our products help customers in their actual field of daily work. 

Why should someone join Nomentia?

You, yeah you there, you should definitely join Nomentia, if you want to work in a vastly changing environment (meant workwise, people tend to enjoy their stay here. As a quite newbie myself I have heard of super-long careers from our experts.) and with great guidelines on how to proceed further. Also, being curious all the time helps a lot in this company.

What is unique about Nomentia is that the products themselves might not be the most visual objects on the store shelf, but they sure run half of the actual store with its mere existence. Therefore, the problems we solve for our customers are also very variable and have multi-leveled impacts. Making a difference in someone’s working day with your work feels quite rewarding.


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